PUT: Create New Schema

Create a new schema, representing a new version of an existing entity.


Two path params on the request representing the entity name and version. Body of request is a JSON document matching the schema JSON-schema or metadata metadata JSON-schema

PUT /metadata/{entityName}/schema={version}
{schema or metadata JSON document}

Response: Success

On success returns the metadata JSON document for the newly created version of the entity. Note that this is not the schema JSON document, it is the metadata JSON document (entity info + schema).

Response: Errors

Additional error codes:

  • metadata:NoEntityName - no entity name specified
  • metadata:NoEntityVersion - no entity version specified
  • rest-metadata:NoNameMatch - entity name on the path does not match entity name in the json document
  • rest-metadata:NoVersionMatch - version on the path does not match the version in the json document
  • metadata:DuplicateSchema - schema for this entity with this version already exists

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